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Good done.

I think I would have just told them in the first place that I would send to the printer as soon as I received payment. I don't do graphic design, but it's pretty much the same with web design.

It's probably always good to have everything as clear as possible at all times to try to avoid these kinds of things anyway. You can't always avoid these things, but at least you can try!

Love your blog by the way. Us designers need more good biz resources like this. :)

Thanks for you kind words Naomi, I've found that clients aren't necessarily bad or rotten people (most of them anyway), but they do often just focus on what THEY want.

As a graphic or web designer you need to make sure you're taking care of your client AND you're taking care of yourself as well :)

Glad you enjoy the blog, please feel free to let other folks in the online design community know about it as well - I'd really appreciate it!

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