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Hi Jeremy,

I feel that the robotic responses is some kind of bureaucratic bs developed by some squarehead somewhere higher up in the organization. You know, the kind that believe in SOPs and guidelines etc. Either that or CSR had a bad day. Here in Singapore, we usually encounter experiences like this at government offices and cable tv companies.


You're right Jensen, this type of policy is often instituted by high-level, block-headed higher-up that doesn't understand that if you piss enough customers off - you're out of business. We have a lot of the same garbage here over in the States.

In this case though I've always gotten good service from the company, which is why this was so baffling to me. Furthermore, the CSR that dealt with me would have save BOTH OF US a lot of time and energy if she just told me what the issue was. People that don't help or provide value are eventually let go.

Thanks for your insights!

Overnightprints.com has the WORST customer service. I always get attitude from them. After a few years of using them I'm done, who needs that?

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