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Na you weren't hard enough. I bet ya a designer with 1-2 years experience did it. Everyone is a designer who has access to photoshop. I remember in design school I did everything by hand back in the day. Now everyone with a computer is a designer and a degree from devry. Thats what happens when you pay $10 bucks an hour for a designer. Flying photos in photoshop.

Good chance you could be right here, N.name. I just found it funny that a company like SI (which prides themselves on photos/image) wouldn't look a little bit better.

Opening the design world up to folks that normally wouldn't have a chance to dabble isn't necessarily a bad thing...at the same time, I'd agree with you that it's caused a serious influx of "wanna be's" in the industry. In the top example in the post it appears that instead of hiring a talented designer, it appears that SI brought on an intern for cheap.

I really enjoyed reading your blog so far and discovering posts like this. I came here via the catching name of your website mentioned in an old posting of underconsideration.com. I'm a self-taught Graphic Artist (or in the process of evolving into one, I hope) and blog postings like this help me to strengthen my own view on design choices. I like to stop for a minute or two before continuing to read. I then try to come up with as much flaws as I can find - and then compare to what you wrote. I find this to be a good training - I don't take everything you mention as set in stone, but if I disagree on something, I try to mentally verbalize my points of WHY I disagree. This helps me a lot and I'm happy I found your blog and I'm equally happy that there is much to read and learn left for me. :)

(Sorry if my English might seem odd occasionally, I'm German).

Thx for the thoughts, Sarah. Your English is a lot better than my German. Good for you - being a self-taught designer, that's great. It's also good that you don't take everything I say as law. Surprise, I don't know everything :) Hopefully, these posts will get you to think critically about your situation and help you make the right decision for you. And of course, you're welcome to share your views on this blog. If you have a different or better way to go about something, feel free to share it. Thanks again for visiting!

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