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I think it comes down to educating your clients. While they may believe you have the talent and sufficient knowledge to provide them with solid work, they still may not understand the process or requirements involved. They're not completely "sold" on the service or product... much like how you felt that the acai (sp?) berry wouldn't work for you. Maybe it requires continuous use over a longer period of time?

Maybe it's the expectation that the product would do "wonders"? Like the client that thinks a web design will automatically bring in traffic upon launch...

Regardless, it's a great lesson learned and one that I will definitely keep in mind.

Hey thanks for the comment Chris, I agree with you that a lot of this has to do with education. Still, I've seen some business owners that get it and others simply are going to look for the simplest, cheapest option.

On other occasions freelancers (including me) sometimes have misunderstood or weren't able to effectively articulate the benefits of what the client REALLY wants.

Jeffrey Fox talks about a concept called "dollarization", if you don't know what that is or how to talk about it, I'd highly recommend you (or freelancer reading this comment) pick up his, "How to Become a Rainmaker" - great resource.

Thx again for the insight - good stuff!

Just popping over from LinkedIn. Great blog. I did a quick read of a few stories but I can't wait to come back and really get into it.


Hey thanks for visiting Melissa, enjoy the site and feel free to add some comments on topics you've got some ideas you'd like to share. If you enjoy the site feel free to recommend it to other folks you think might benefit from checking it out as well. Have a great day :)

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