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O my gosh Jeremy, this is such a funny article, but totally true. I had two guys who are part of Melaluca and they just wouldn't stop until I openly said: Listen, I am not into this type of crap and back it off. Never heard from them again. Now, I have a Lia Sophia lady going after me to host a party.
It is great to be part of the Chamber and Networking, but the truth is there are a lot of people out there who are in MLM business and are desperate to get you to buy their product, and you just have to know how to get them away - great article and as always love to read them.

I recently had an interview for a possible internship. I'm graduated from college so the company cannot give me a paid internship, however, the employer said he would still be happy to give me some work to build up my resume but he wants me to give him the amount I charge for a design. He hasn't given me the design he wants yet but does anybody have a good idea of what a starting fee for a freelance designer should be?

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