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Creative thoughts. I will implement these thoughts to my professional career and I am sure this will help me a lot.

Heh, that's a classic one, especially the "it is fine to say no" part :) So did you just not reply to her? I would feel it my duty to try to respond, even if "letting go", but any response could just trigger even more lashing...

Thx for the comment, Anton. This is a tough call either way. On one hand, if you don't contact the client back, she might really "go ape on you"; however, you hinted at what I actually did at the end of your comment: I did not respond for fear of continued lashing. Personally, I think this is a judgement call that each freelancer has to make when put in this situation. Each situation, client and freelancer is unique, so I don't think there's a concrete rule that states, "You must do XXXX when a client does XXXX"...at least in this instance.

Thx for the comment - and for visiting. Come back soon :)

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