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Being a business savvy designer is often a contradiction in terms; however, Jeremy Tuber is a unique combination of savvy business marketer and creative designer. This one-two punch provides his clients with targeted marketing and design projects that yield outstanding results and a terrific return on their investment. A self taught, self-motivated designer, Jeremy worked his way out of the corporate world close to ten years ago to pursue his true passion in design, studying and learning the profession from the bottom up. Starting at a local Kinkos store and moving from design position to design position over the course of a few years – each one a bit more rewarding than the last, he’s had the good fortune of working in many design environments with well over a hundred different artists.

This unique perspective of being creative and business savvy, along with extensive practical experience in the corporate world has given him an exceptional advantage in understanding the marketing/design challenges and needs of business owners. Jeremy’s been called a walking, talking ad agency - he’s a marketing manager and a creative director in one package.

Jeremy has a decade of experience with brand identity, web design, marketing strategy, advertising creations, direct mail, content editing, custom photography, photo editing/manipulation, and multimedia presentations.

As a published author with 60 + articles to his credit, Jeremy enjoys providing value and education to creative freelancers and small business owners looking to bring in more sales and “take their business to the next level.” He has been invited to speak to art students/alumni at local colleges, including the Art Institute of Phoenix. He continues to develop insightful resources to give designers an opportunity to make their dream of running a creative freelancing business a reality: the ‘Work Smarter NOT Harder’ Contracts and More Package, The Creative Freelance Designer’s Audio Success Series and Verbal Kung Fu for Freelancers.


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