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B&H regrets and apologizes for this uncharacteristic incident which dates, I believe, back to Spring, 2006. We make every effort to ensure complete customer satisfaction and apologize for your experience.
Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

That's impressive that you found this post so quickly Henry, it's been live for less than 48 hours, and thank you for your comment!

This is a good lesson for my readers - I guess what I am wondering is if you really wanted to "ensure complete customer satisfaction", why wouldn't you have emailed or called me when you saw this blog post (you obviously have my contact info) and made an attempt to make this right rather than just post a corporate double-talk comment on my blog?

I am sorry you're under the misapprehension this was "corporate double-talk." It was an acknowledgment we'd erred and a public apology. One always hopes that a sincere public apology is accepted with the same good will with which it's proffered.

We received and shipped your order the same day, back in March 2006. As soon as we received word from you we'd erred we issued return authorization and a pre-paid UPS return label to get back what we'd sent and created a new replacement shipment which went out to you the same day we received your call.

Now you've dredged this up some 2+ years later and I responded by publicly apologizing. We made a mistake, we were told about the mistake, we fixed the mistake, we were reminded of the mistake and we apologized for the mistake.

Feel free to e-mail me (henryp@bhphotovideo.com) with your idea of what else "an attempt to make this right" comprises at this late date. All the best.

Henry Posner
B&H Photo-Video

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