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Jeremy - outstanding audio clip, and some truly great advice for freelancers. You continue to impress with your very pragmatic outlook about the changes in the design industry. Messages like yours are so needed in the whirlwind of noise surrounding the issue of speculative work.


Ross Kimbarovsky

Thanks again for your comments Ross, I wish I could have joined you guys down in Austin - sounds like it was a terrific event.

I would have like to have seen Mike S. and Jeremiah O. in the "spec work" debate!

Always a pleasure to hear from you.

I'm screwed. 25 years of experience down the crapper.

Nah, you're fine Rick - the Marines have the right idea, "Improvise, Adapt and Overcome". You have the advantage of years in the industry, and yes the competition is always nipping at your heels, but as long as you don't stop changing and improving, you won't get swallowed."

The design industry is changing, but there are always opportunities for those who are willing to meet the new challenges. Best wishes my friend, and thanks for your comment.

I'm not a Marine. Nor am I a ninja. I'm just a guy who does good design. I don't want to "crunch it." I don't want a "personal brand." I just want to be the guy in the back room who does remarkable work, which someone else takes out to the customer. It's just not worth the effort any more. The rules have changed so drastically against me, I would just as soon change careers. Not sure to what, yet. Adam Smith's invisible hand is shooting me the bird.

Got a lot of friends in that boat Rick, good folks that love what they do but don't necessarily want to deal with the public, have to learn marketing, etc. - they are just good designers. I feel badly for these folks.

Yes the rules have changed; they've changed in photography, real estate, securities and now it's happening with design.

Thanks again for weighing in - whatever way you decide to go I do wish you the best of luck.

99 Designs should be called 99% Crap. The prices are low and attractive, but if you're on a budget (e.g. $300 for a logo) there are much better alternatives than doing spec work with inexperienced "designers".

I posted a project on another web site to get my logo designed. It's all college student designers, so the cost is low like 99Designs/CrowdSpring but I was able to work with one girl over a week with several iterations (she was quite patient with me).

I'm all for supporting students starting their careers, and since they are looking to build their portfolios, they'll bend over backwards for your design, and aren't looking for a quick buck.

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