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Thought you and the other readers might find this entertaining.

John, that is fricken hysterical.
Every creative freelancer should see this!
Thank you for sharing - top shelf!


I just stumbled across your blog after buying both of your books the other day on Amazon. I've been a designer since leaving the newspaper business in 2004, and I must say your stuff is the best I've come across that actually teaches how to operate a design biz successfully and efficiently. I'm going to tell all of my design colleagues in Houston about you and your work.

I loved the way you presented that new biz card design and overall look and feel to your client. Hope it's cool, but I'm going to take that idea and incorporate it for a presentation I'm doing for one of my clients tomorrow. Really great idea.

Also, thanks so much for this blog. I bought the iTunes download and it's amazing. Can't wait to devour your books. Well done.

All the best,


Hey Stephen,
Can't thank you enough for your kind words, thank you for them...and for picking up a couple of resources, I hope you'll get a lot of value out of them.

If you do enjoy that resources you picked up and would like to share your thoughts and feedback with the rest of the online design community please let me know...I enjoy rewarding freelancers who are helping me to get the word out - expect some freebies for taking time out of your day to help me.

Don't be a stranger, and please let me (and perhaps others know), how you enjoyed the resources. Thank you again :)

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