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Jeremy, this is fantastic advice. A simple measure that shows users prior thought and sense of professionalism. Not to mention insight into the kind of design process you can provide to that prospective client. Tweeted!

Genius! I will try it on the current site I am building. Thanks!

Great advice! I have never thought about this.

This could show that you know more than just making things look good on screen. It can show the process of helping them make their website successful!

Great Article, will retweet!


Thanks for the comments guys! I remember mentioning this to my wife a while back...I'd actually forgotten that I blogged about it.

Remember that whether you're a graphic or a web designer, the most talented folks out there AREN'T always the most successful. There's a huge difference between creative ability and being able to market/sell yourself in a compelling way. The freelancer that has the most compelling argument: "why a client should hire her/him" wins the project.

Thank you for commenting guys, please come back and visit soon...and thank you for retweeting this. It's cool if designers aren't ready to pick up some of the resources I have to offer, but passing this info on if it's helpful is something everyone can do.

Anyway ,it's sound be new thing,I've to try it...Thanks for sharing it.

That is such a great idea and something that really has just totally slipped past me on every occasion. I'm going to make this shift right now on a Web site I'm building for a client. Thanks for posting this.

Thanks again for the comments on this guys...one of the most challenging things you'll find in your freelancing career isn't learning Photoshop but how to effectively target, attract and sell to clients.

Hopefully this is another tool you can use to do this. Please feel free to pass along this info to others in the design community - I'd appreciate it!

Yes that is a very good advice but the text and saying must not be so religious and formal, cause they will just close the window simply.

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