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"Can you JUST..."

The killer line. Any time I hear the word "just" in reference to me doing something, I'm immediately turned off. Who the hell are they to assume that anything I do is "just this" or "just that?"

This is an immediate warning that the person is looking for something free, or dirt cheap - no matter how much work it actually is.

My response to an email/phone call like this is:
"Can you JUST sign a contract stating you'll pay me $XYZ amount, with X% up front, for doing this work?"

thank god its not just me. - Do you ever get the mails where instead of payment you are offered a % of the money they make from your designs?

may the lord of design help us :-)

"Appreciate it...Thanks!"

whoa! He's assuming your really doing it, and by that an advance thank you for your hard work.. at least he said thanks xD

I don't get the impression he was expecting it for free, but probably really cheap. It looks like he thought you could do it in a few minutes and send it over and he assumed it would be cheap, fast, and easy.

Did you do a business card for him before? Maybe he thought you could just change the text.

I'm curious to hear what you responded.

This is exactly the kind of situation that brought me to your web site, Jeremy, and led me to buy your books. I did the work, explained why I should get paid what I deserved, but without the finesse I probably should have used (now that I've read Verba Kung Fu, I'll be prepared in the future) and I did get paid in full. But I'm pretty sure I'll never hear from the client (a realtor) again. Would love to know how you handled this one.

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