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I used to think "If my work looks the best, then I will make all the money." WRONG!!

The business side of freelancing is critical to success. You have to market yourself, be your agent, be an arm-chair lawyer, accountant, art director, etc. It is all on you. Talent is not enough.

Even my favorite clients can be shifty if I am not diligent. : )

You also have to educate your clients, which is a job unto itself. Sure they can get a website for $300, but what will their return be? Zilch, probably—and then they are out $300 and their business is tanking because their site was hard to navigate, worked poorly on everything but IE6 and had no call to action!

BTW, Jeremy, your Work Smarter NOT Harder Package has been very helpful. I utilized the Bonus File "How to explain to clients that they dont get the original files" this week. Thanks!

Always great to hear from you Lakia!
I used to think that too...the most talented designers always win - they don't.

Yeah, I've even had relatives and very close friends who were clients that got a little shifty from time to time - you've gotta watch everyone!

Glad you enjoyed the Work Smarter NOT Harder Package, that's awesome. Hope all is well with you, I know you are or were expecting a little one - hope that's gone or is going very well :)

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