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This is SO timely. I'm currently working with a client who's taken the "approved" design direction and told me what colors to use, what typfaces, what photos, where to place everything and at what size. I've been at a total loss as to how to handle the situation, and we've both been getting increasingly frustrated with the situation. I'll definitely take a look at your suggested reading. Thanks for posting!

Hey thanks for visiting Dani! Don't feel badly about getting frustrated in not knowing how to deal with this stuff, most freelancers have challenges in this area...clients can sense this, which typically makes the situation worse.

A good question to ask clients at the beginning of the project is, "What's more important to you, being able to join in the design process or making sure we end up with a great design that brings in money and clients?"

Clients will always say the later...so you then explain how you do this for clients with your talent, experience and decision-making. You tactfully explain to the client how your process (with YOU making the calls) will get them to where they want to be.

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Thanks for the comment W.D., glad you enjoyed the post, come back and visit soon :)

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