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I just found your blog and wanted to say hello but also that I laughed at your proof that obviously Mr. Disney should be turning over in his grave as to the state of his life's work being soiled by horrible editing! I can't believe how many typo's and being that I am a bona-fide Disney freak (Lion King is a good one but I'm a bit more partial to Ariel and Tink) I was a bit sad. Anyways I'm a freelance writer now but have always done art for fun on the side and was attempting to do a 'cross over'. Feel free to stop by and say hi and I appreciate your helpful posts!

Hi Caitlin,
thanks for visiting and saying hello!

Yeah, poor Walt wouldn't have been happy about the ineptitude of the bootleggers...come to think of it, I don't think he'd be happy with bootleggers that can and can't edit :)

Being able to freelance as a writer/editor as well as a designer is a powerful combination. I've found that being able to write compelling content that gets prospects to act is extremely marketable. Anyway, thanks again for visiting, feel free to stop back anytime :)

PS - I am more of a Mogli and Baloo fan.

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