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Oh dear...
Not that I'm particularly proud of this fact, but I do know what the script font says. It's the lyrics to the theme song for an old TV series called "Here Come the Brides". It was set in Seattle of the 1800s starring Bobby Sherman and David Soul. Gee didn't know Perry Como sang it though... :)
And I live near Seattle and can't tell if that background is a fuzzy photo of Seattle.

Thanks for doing your analysis of these tragedies as you find them. They are helpful to me and graphic design students I occasionally teach. Give us all hope that we CAN find work out there as professionals!

Hahah, that's awesome Renee, my eyes started to burn after I read a few lines...it was just too hard to read :) Hmm, perhaps you were wearing UV coated glasses when you read it...in any case it's barely legible!

Glad you enjoy these bad photoshop moments, they're always good for a laugh. I'd like to point out that I too had my share of these when first starting out, it's good to be able to laugh about it. As always, it's a pleasure to have you visit!

Thanks so much for the mention as well! LOVE your site, and look forward to every new post!

Hey thanks for visiting James (and for the kind words), happy to show your site a little link love - thegraphicmac.com is terrific resource.

I've received a fair amount of traffic from your site (again, thank you) - your readers are always welcome. If there's something specific you'd like me to write about for you or your readers please drop me a line.

PS - I shot you over an email a few minutes ago, if you'd like keep an eye out for it (I might end up in bulk mail).

Well don't know whats going on but its not a Good way to do this. in my opinion we have to look again about this issue

Can you be sued, or have charges pressed against you for using photoshop to display someone in a bad nature?

That's a good question CSOC:
If you have real concerns about this, I'd probably seek out an attorney; however, I may offer a few "unofficial" responses to your question.

My first thought when I saw your question was, "Did the designer manipulate the photo at all?"
Secondly, I'd wonder, "Was there any malicious intent on the designer's part to show the subject in a bad light?" If a judge/jury decides the designer intentionally made someone look bad by using photo manipulation in photoshop, that might be a real problem!

In the end, I really am not 100% certain, but I suppose my advice would be to make sure you have permission (photo release), run the photo by the subject before it's uploaded or printed and as funny as it can be, I'd avoid using photoshop to make people look funky ;)

PS – a while back, a photographer friend of mine told me he worked with photographer that thought it would be funny to photoshop in a “bird beak nose” on a woman he photographed. When it came time to turn in his shots, he’d forgotten to send the “unedited” version to the printer – OUCH!!! Not sure if the guy got sued or not :)

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