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I agree... I hope this article doesn't dissuade people and simply gets them to think realistically about what they can expect when running a design business. Especially in the early stages of the business when a ringing phone gets you excited about the prospect of a new client, when in reality it's probably a marketer trying to sell you something you don't need right now. ;)

When you go in with the right attitude and you're prepared to make it work, the payoff (not just financially) is very rewarding.

Hey Mike, great to hear from you, hope all is well!

Yeah, we both know freelancing can be terrific, but challenging at the same time. There are still loads of opportunities for talented designers that also have a strong understand of marketing and business.

I feel badly for kids just coming out of college (or learning on their own), that don't quite know what they're in for - I'd like to do my best to make sure they're prepared.

Thanks for stopping by, your always welcome to do so!

Very much agree with you...though I earn more than what I used to as a regular employee there are times I get discourage because it's not easy being a freelancer, put up your own team then your own firm. You always have to be the lookout for new opportunities, you have to keep the ball rolling...once you lose a client, you have to start again. When the moneys pouring in... you feel you made the right decision but when things go slow...you wish you never gave up your job.

Yep, pros/cons Christina...there are times I really enjoyed being an employee, other times not so much :)

Since you're constantly on lookout for new opportunities, it sounds like you're well ahead of the competition - many freelancers just wait and hope something will happen (which is a killer). And you're right, it's not uncommon to occasionally feel like the old job was better, I would suggest that freelancers that feel this way not make a hasty decision but really give it some thought before going back to a "regular job" or diving into freelancing.

Great comment, thanks for visiting!

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