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I'm from Brazil. It is my first visit to this blog, i really liked your ideas and opinions. I'm studying Publicity and Propaganda so blogs like yours help me to develop and work with new ideas. Thanks!

I'm sure that with this guy cooking for me i would not complain about his burgers.

The gun don't call the necessary attention, I agree with you when you say that "it best to minimize other objects that could be distractions so the customer could focus solely on the product being sold"..

Sorry my english... I'm working on it.


Thanks for visiting Victor. Glad the blog's been helpful to you. Nah, the gun isn't really necessary, perhaps they did it as a bit of a joke - again, they're marketing to gun owners so having a firearm in the picture wouldn't offend their audience. I don't think having/not having the gun will affect sales, I just thought it was funny to look at.

PS - no need to apologize for your English, it's a heck of a lot better than my Spanish.

PPS - You're futbol team looked good in the World Cup, you guys have a great shot at winning...again :)

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