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While you may not be a "diva", I would have personally taken a different approach. I would have just responded to the web dev with a

"Hi John Doe,

I will be working with {client name} on this matter. Thank you for the heads up,

Jimmy B

The only reason is this. Web developers, designers, clients, they are all part of our ecosystem, and sometimes they are rude, but chances are they don't truly mean to be. If you trash that email or refuse to respond and the person didn't realize they were rude, now they think you are rude and it could potentially turn into an utter shitstorm.

Your end quote is perfect and I think that everyone should try and use that as often as possible.

Great thoughts here Kerrigan, thanks for taking the time to post them. You're right, handling things in this particular way wasn't done in the spirit of humility and cooperation - I could have done better. Ironically, bringing this web dev into the fold caused three people to leave this client's support team (me, his business strategist and his PR woman). Maybe this guy didn't mean to be rude, but his track record seems to indicate that he excelled in it.

PS - I like your response: it's succinct and professional; however, I can help but wonder what the web dev would have thought had he received it...it almost looks like you're saying, "I received your email, guy, but I'll be working through the client (and not you), so you don't need to contact me - thanks." Again, I really do like what you have, but might it be interpreted as mildly passive aggressive if I interpreted it right? Anyone else have thoughts on Kerrigan's response?

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