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I find your blog very interesting and your stories are very pleasant to read. I do have some feedback on the looks of your blog. As a graphic designer myself I pay attention to every detail lol it's a curse. Your blog looks pretty but for reading purposes its kind of a pain. The side background is vibrant red it hurts your eyes and makes you tired after reading for 3 minutes. I do love the illustrations but the saturated red is like on your face the whole time drying your eyes. Also on your navigation bar it can get very hard to read the white text on saturated red background. Thats all from me and I wish you the best.

Good thoughts here, Aram. Thanks for taking some time to share them. Red is one of those funny colors that can be wonderfully helpful and yet dangerous to use. An attention-getter, there are few (if any colors) that attract attention like red does. Marketers use this color more than any other because it’s demands attention. At the same time, I respect your point that too much red can be a detriment. With the Asian/kung fu theme I went with on the second published book, red made good sense. In any case, you bring up some good points here. I can’t say that I’ll go back and change the design of everything, but you’ve given me as well as blog readers some things to think about when using red. Nice job!

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