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I was appalled by the editorial liberties taken by LSU in this situation. Inherent in the power to photograph people, especially in a public situation such as this, is the responsibility to accurately represent those people. That's just the way I think, but I am pretty sure there are defamation clauses in copyright and model releases also.
By removing the cross from their shirts, the editors tampered with their identity. I believe LSU should be glad that the cross did represent the character of these students...
Removing an element is much more subtle, and perhaps easier to agree to, than adding an element. I don't think anyone would agree to add a beer to the image, for instance.

I would be severely against removing a cross from their uniforms for a few reasons:
1- It is hypocritical, given that no other people group would be treated this way
2- Being a Christian, there's the obvious reason. Please
3- Doesn't this photograph show the character of what it is for? If they have crosses on the uniforms, keep them on. That's the uniform. If they have Stars of David, that's the uniform. Why change truth?
4- My ire gets raised at the 'offended'. I've been asked by clients to do 'offensive' things to me before (one thing promoting witchcraft), and I respectfully declined, fully expecting a firing. They didn't, and changed the concept.
Anyway, maybe the offended need to turn their heads, IMO. Thanks!

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